Rum & Raisin 

Our booziest flavour, laced with juicy rum-soaked raisins, and the only vegan rum and raisin ice cream on the market in the UK. As always, we add just a few simple ingredients (including real rum, of course!) to our coconut cream base and sweeten only with unrefined coconut sugar.

This flavour has won a Great Taste gold star two years in a row - and here’s what the judges said about it… "A rum coloured ice cream with delicious fat and juicy rum-soaked raisins well distributed in the soft dairy-free ice cream. There is a clean taste, smoothness and a tiny hint of coconut from the unrefined coconut sugar. Well balanced flavours and economic sweetness".

It really does taste as good as it sounds!  


Water*, coconut extract 23%, coconut sugar, rasins 8%, rum* 4%, stabiliser: pectin*, locust bean gum, guar gum, natural flavour*. * = non-organic