Peter Jones of BBC Dragons’ Den, on our “exceptional” ice cream. Watch the full clip here.


Raw Chocolate

"...texture is smooth and rich. Delightfully moreish" - Great Taste Awards judges, 2017

"This is the best-tasting dairy free chocolate ice cream on the market, and it is organic! Creamy, chocolatey, and sweet... Highly recommended!" - Ocado reviewer

"best ever vegan chocolate ice cream!!! honestly! amazing! So good, so creamy!" - Ocado reviewer

"This is the best dairy free choc ice cream I've tasted. It's not too sweet and not bitter at all and uses really good ingredients." - Ocado reviewer

"...this is good, it's unreal" - Ocado reviewer


Coconut Caramel

"…delicious and moreish. Bang on the money! Like eating ice-creamified fudge….a clever balance of flavours" - Great Taste Awards judges, 2017

"after tasting several vegan ice-creams I can confirm that this is an absolute winner. so so good! embarrassed to say, I ate it all in one evening :-) " - Ocado reviewer

"A M A Z I N G...What a fantastic ice cream. Just cannot get enough of this" - Ocado reviewer

"Best ice cream EVER! So creamy and caramel-y! Not too sweet and doesn't taste of coconuts" - Ocado reviewer

"This is my new favourite ice cream, I absolutely love it. The flavour is very similar to butterscotch, it's not sickly sweet like many other caramel flavoured ice creams as it uses coconut palm sugar which adds to the rich butterscotch flavour. Perfect consistency too!" - Ocado reviewer

"The caramel flavour in this is perfect, coconut sugar is so good for its toffee taste... very creamy! But I'm not going to recommend this to anyone as I want them all for myself!" - Ocado reviewer


Mint Choc Chip

"This stuff is gorgeous - creamy and rich. It isn't the same as your ice-cream van mass-produced version of sickly sweet unsatisfying mint chic my opinion so much better- just the right amount if sweet and leaves you feeling as though it has done you some good" - Ocado reviewer

"taste is unbeatable considering what's not in it and I haven't been able to eat ice-cream for years due to allergies" - Ocado reviewer

"Heavenly ice cream, specially for non lactose and low sugar eaters. Love it" - Ocado reviewer

"Delicious! Fabulous ice cream: packed with chocolate chips...the mint is wonderfully cooling and the ice cream is an overall delight" - Ocado reviewer


Rum and Raisin

"A rum coloured ice cream with delicious fat and juicy rum-soaked raisins... There is a clean taste, smoothness... and economic sweetness" - Great Taste Awards Judges 2018

"OMFG this is good... Butterscotchy, creamy, delicious rum and raisin vegan ice cream" - Ocado reviewer

"Sublime. No other words to describe it" - Ocado reviewer

"You wouldn't know this was vegan ice cream. So creamy and delicious" - Ocado reviewer

"...This is delicious. Totally delicious. I will make sure I always have some of this in the freezer. Best dairy free ice cream ever" - Ocado reviewer


Creamy Coconut

"We were surprised to discover this was dairy-free. Tastes like a holiday!" - Great Taste Awards Judges 2017

"I AM IN SHOCK! YO! Did not expect it to taste that GOOD!!! If you like caramel/chocolately anything defo for you! was expecting it to taste like frozen coconut milk but NOO taste WWAY better! Can't even tell it's vegan! GET IT!!" - Ocado reviewer

"great guilt-free taste. you don't want to stop eating it" - Ocado reviewer

"Beautiful - this is a lovely dairy free ice cream and I quite like the caramely taste. There are coconut chips in and there is a nice balance between the coconut and caramel taste." - Ocado reviewer